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The New Retail Imperative

Individualizing Omnichannel Experiences Using Automation and AI

In a world where customers hyper-adopt (and hyper-abandon) brands at the drop of a hat, the key to successfully winning, serving, and retaining customers today is obsessing about the buyer’s journey. What’s the catch?

Organizations have too often use outdated methods for personalization strategies, fail to address the omnichannel shopping habit of most consumers, and avoided the heavy lifting of creating contextually-relevant experiences that add perceivable value to the path to purchase.

In this webinar, host Julia Dietmar, Chief Product Officer, Vue.ai along with guest speaker Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst explored:

  • Why retailers struggle to meet customer demands, even with thorny fundamentals.
  • How to tackle omnichannel strategies for optimization of customer experiences.
  • How personalization as individualization is the new standard for customer engagement.
  • The role of AI and automation in individualizing customer experience from understanding customer's intent.
  • Why the prerequisite in 2018 for becoming customer-obsessed requires a culture and organization that is data-led.

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