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Make Your Video Shoppable To Boost Online Conversion


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Why read this report?

2021 will make video 78 % of all mobile hits. Video will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

What better way for retailers to differentiate themselves online than use video to successfully engage and entertain today's digitally savvy, hyper-stimulated consumers. Get a head start with shoppable videos & learn how you can turn passive viewers into engaged customers. This report, for digital business strategy professionals, details the use cases, success metrics, and steps to get started using shoppable videos.

What you can expect to learn?

Videos can be used for marketing, advertising, branding, featuring products and can be optimized for commerce

Shoppable functionalities can be easily added to existing media assets

The ease of measuring success of shoppable videos due to their interactive features can help brands and retailers better understand their customers

Turn your visual stories into your company's growth story

The world is talking about shoppable videos